Pinky Peach and White

 Photos taken by Alex

My younger sister Alex and I went to The Diva's Wardrobe event yesterday at Mirra and shopped from from some of Brisbane's most stylish wardrobes! The venue itself was breathtaking! It had the most stunning wallpaper and painted glass in colours of gold and pink, not to mention the funky mirrors on the walls and the cute restrooms! We didn't get to the event until late afternoon but when we arrived we were met with rack upon rack filled with gorgeous designer steals. I walked away with two Camilla kaftan's, a gorgeous sheer maxi skirt and a Sass and Bide dress for $45! We're already looking forward to next years event!

This has been my staple outfit all week, with a change of shoes and jewellery. It is so comfortable and the colours, so flattering! The necklace I purchased from the Swedish blog, Alex Inn (purchase here). So well priced, shipping was fast and the cute jewellery bag it came in was a nice finishing touch. I bought the dress in 2009 from General Pants Co and wore it once or twice as I wasn't sure what to do with it! But lately I have been pairing it with a natural slip and teaming it up with anything and everything!

Dress by Alice in the Eve. Shoes by Tony Bianco. Bag by Witchery. Necklace by Alex Inn. Shirt, unknown. 


cami said...

its cami here i love your blog! is that you in the photos with the white dress at the fashion thing yesterday?. If you you look amazing! and i have to ask WHERE DID YOU GET THOSE SHOES FROM? I think i have actually fallen in love with them hahha

Elle said...

hello beautiful girl! yes it is! they are tony bianco! love love love them! so comfy too!

cami said...

thankyou so much they are so so so so amazing :)