Tom Gunn

Photos by Me + last one from website

‘Oh wow, they were just so beautiful’ ‘I cant believe they really are that high? They don’t look that high?’ ‘Oh man, they were amazing!’ were all the words Alex and I could string together for the next hour after walking out of the newly opened Tom Gunn Boutique in James Street. I must admit, we stumbled across the shops’ side window accidentally when trying to find a park in the busy centre where we wouldn’t get towed from, but boy-o-boy was it a pleasing ‘accident’. The store itself is quite small, approximately three x three meters, but perfect for a shoe shop.  The window displays make up almost the entirety of the merchandising and its so darn aesthetically pleasing. 

We were greeted by the beautiful Shannon Gunn who, along with Gabrielle Thompson, is the creative mind and hands behind the "fashion-forward, Australian footwear label, known for their unique design, luxurious materials and unparalleled quality". I must say, it was a nice surprise to see a designer selling the shoes to and actually taking the time to meet their customers. 

Now, for the shoes.. I can't actually find the words to describe how magnificent/well crafted/flattering they are. My personal favourites; the Archer in black dust, black nappa & bordeaux patent (first two photos), the Jak in natural snake & black nappa (8th photo) and the Rafe in navy nappa and navy snake (7th photo). But the Archer is the clear winner in my eyes. Shannon mentioned how comfortable they are as well! If my pennies weren't going to London savings, they would be spent on these bad girls (they are too pretty to be bad 'boys')!

I have never walked out of a shoe shop so mesmerised before, thank you ladies for opening your first store in Brisbane!

Visit the website here.

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