Tony Bianco Store Opening via il etait une fois...

I adore Tony Bianco. I won a pair through Shop Till You Drop's Greatest Christmas Drop in Brisbane and they literally are the only heels I wear. So so comfy! And they wear really great as well! Last year, I wore them for the first time for my boyfriend (Tom) and my's anniversary dinner in the city and it just poured down with rain! I was so upset as I thought they would surely be ruined but whola, the next morning they were in perfect condition!

On another note, unfortunately I wasn't selected to volunteer at RAFW (2 - 7 May) which is a really huge bummer! Not only will I miss out on working at fashion week, I also don't get to have a shop in the new Tony Bianco and Zara stores! Desperately need to get to Sydney ASAP with LOTS of spending money!

Kisses xo

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