A well deserved break

Happy long weekend! I must say, I am very grateful for the five days off work and uni that I have been blessed with! Its nice to have a break to do some things for myself like ironing, taking a day trip, making choc cross buns with my bestfriend, having a cute date night with prawns, movies and candles with T and blogging(!).

On Thursday, my lovely girlfriend Jess and I took a mini road trip to Montville on the Sunshine Coast. It was a gorgeous sunny day filled with singing, scones, a trip to the tea house and a good gossip session. Montville has the most beautiful view! Paradise! It was such a relaxing day. 

Tomorrow morning I am heading down to main beach to stay with my family for a night or two at our friends apartment.  It is divine so I will take some pictures to show you all just how beautiful it is. 

Happy Easter everyone, God bless! Kisses xo

What your looking at:
1. Mum's new winter booties
2. My sisters wall art
3. One of the few pieces of gold coloured jewellery I have
4. My sister's cute new top
5. Pretty artwork
6. Sister's table
7. My fashion and beauty book collection
8. More pretty artwork


Adelina said...

ur sisters top looks lovely with the necklace

Samantha Ashton said...

Love your photos!
More more more!!

too young for fashion said...

love the shoes, as well as the awang post below! if you get the chance, check out my most recent post.


Miann - Fashion Falsehood said...

So fucking jealous. I don't have time to be blogging but it's the only stress relief I can find within what has been my vicinity for the past two weeks.. aka, my desk.