Hello to the beginning of everything..

Oh hi there Found Style! Don't worry, I haven't forgotten about you, I have just been busy. Very busy!

I have decided to change the feel of this blog. It will be more of a diary for me to keep track of all the exciting things God is throwing my way at the moment. Life feat fashion. Life feat food. Life feat fun.

Let me start with some very exciting news. I have been blessed, blessed, blessed with the opportunity to become a part of the Jesselle PR team. Yes, I scored an fashion PR internship in my first year, first semester of my B of Mass Communications. How lucky am I? So extremely stoked. It feels like I have gotten my little foot into a huge door! Thanks to my beautiful cousin Samantha who encouraged me to apply! I have only been in the office for a total of two days and so far I have gotten to meet and work with five amazing and beautiful girls, pulled a few cocktail dresses for the channel 7 gold lotto girl, hool-a-hooped, completed multiple research tasks and gotten to phone TV stations and introduce myself as 'Elle from Jesselle PR' (this has been my highlight!). I am now in a desperate need to spend some of my $$$ on some new clothes and shoes and accessories. I made a couple of online purchases this morning which I will post about soon! Wonderful, wonderful bargains.

Other then that, life has been crazy with two jobs and uni. But it is almost holidays which means lots and lots of work and fun times. And Tom leaving. He is going to Europe for 6 months which is super exciting! And heart breaking!

I pinky promise not to neglect you again! I will leave you with a bunch of happy snaps, old and new.
Elle xo

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