I'm a fake

On Thursday I mentioned that I had bought two lots of bargains. The first being the rings - which should arrive on Wednesday/Thursday! Amy Jess (!!! where on earth did i get Amy from??) from Fly Away Honey is just lovely. The second purchase are these heels! Hate on me if you like. They are nearly identical to the Jeffrey Campbell Foxy Woods'. But they are 1/3 of the price and equally as cute. As a student who is saving for a summer vacation, I really don't have the funds to buy multiple pairs of $100+ heels. So I turn to eBay. And whollaaa! For those of you who mightn't be hating on me right now, here is the link


Anonymous said...

I've bought shoes from eBay before and the wood on the heel is plastic when they send it to you.

Elle said...

wow really? I will have to check when I get them. Thanks for the heads up!

jenna said...

i just bought the REAL Jeffrey Campbells and I'm in love with them! I totally understand being on a student budget. i saved up for those babies!

so glad you found me. you deserve more followers!

xx, TFH

Elle said...

good work! there are so many things i would like to save up for, including a summer trip to either the US or France and my Jet Ski licence so I am happy to have grabbed this bargain! Can't wait until they arrive.

Aww thanks, I found you through Stolen Threads.

Elle xo

il ├ętait une fois... said...

thanks so much for all your sweet comments doll! super cute blog you have! following <3


Elle said...

Jess I am so sorry, I have no idea where I got Amy from!!