The last few days..

... have been kinda hectic! 

Wednesday: My day at Jesselle. Loved it of course. Did my first solo pull for the Channel 7 Wednesday night Gold Lotto Liz Cantor. I would love to have seen the yellow dress on her however Liz chose the red. All three dresses were from Ultra Suite including the red spaghetti strapped one which she wore! The Tom and I went to the Holland Park Hotel for a few beers to watch the State of Origin. So buggered we lost, but it makes the third game interesting ;) 

Thursday: Caught up with my beautiful girlfriend Harley who I hadn't seen in about 4/5 months! It was so lovely to catch up, it made me realise how much I miss having her around! We had lunch at my family friends' cafe Pompidou which is just gorgeous! Had an awesome burger and fries and an organic lemon lime bitters. I have never been a fan of LLB until recently. I find that if it has just the right amount of bitters (just a dash or two) and loads of fresh lemon, it can actually be really delish! We also walked down to Coming Up Roses which is a gift shop owned by Hayley Lewis the Olympic Australian swimmer (she bought it, didn't start it). I believe the shop was mums' inspiration for starting Vanilla House five years ago however mums' is very different. Beautiful stock. Oh and I worked at the bar. 

Today: Today I was my friend Kirrens' model for a make up task she had to do at Naploeon. She just got a job there and is in training at the moment. She did a great job! Crazy coloured smokey eyes and red lips. I ended up buying the new mineral foundation, camera finish powder and auto pilot primer thanks to the employee discount I was given!  Had work again tonight! I am lucky to work with such great people! 

In between all of that I have been studying... a little.. *cough cough* and watching Bones. I am infatuated by the love story between Bones and Booth. But more on that another time. Here are a few pictures of the last couple of days. I have a busy and fun weekend ahead. I will make sure I have a camera with me the whole time. Have a wonderful weekend. 

Elle xo

 Yummy burger!

 Cute, late birthday presents from Harley

 Swapped my usual Ray Ban Wayfarers for these tortoiseshell cat eyes that came with a Marie Claire Magazine. So similar to the the SABRE sunnies featured on Tuula

My new vest from Beginning Boutique!

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Beginning Boutique said...

Love the pink candle :) glad the vest found a good home :) x